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Video Production

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Anar DigiTech is an unbeatable combination of innovation, strategy, and technology. We apply our experience and knowledge to some of the best corporations around the world. With our wide range that integrates Video Production that is sustainable and scalable, we can bring about a massive increase in your company’s growth through Videos. We guarantee the worth of your company’s online presence and make sure that your customers can feel it through every interaction. We can say we’re result-oriented since we’re dedicated to Digital Marketing, and we do it with passion.

Video Production

Anar DigiTech wants to discuss with you the video production process as well as video production services in Ahmedabad that you should consider when searching for a company to manage your video marketing. Join the 60% of businesses that use video marketing to reap the benefits.

The future of marketing is video. Video has been around for a long time. You’ll be behind if you don’t use video in your marketing strategy. There is no reason to be anxious about how to get started. Many highly-skilled companies can provide the services you require, even if your budget doesn’t allow for an in-house production team.

Video Production Services

The Production Process

Video can be a powerful tool to tell your story. It will move your audience to think, feel and act in a particular way. Video can drive conversions regardless of your industry or business type if it is done right.

How do you make video marketing work?

You can either hire an outside video production company or have your video production team. There are three types of video production services that you will need.

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production
Preproduction refers to the video production service that includes planning and creativity. This includes services such as:
  • Assessing your video’s purpose, target audience, and delivery method
  • Forming a budget
  • Pitching and creative development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Outlining and storyboarding
  • Shot lists (the scenes that you wish to include in your video)
  • Location scouting (looking out for locations to record your video).
  • Casting
  • Permitting (securing the required permits from your municipality).
  • Equipment preparation and rental (if needed)
  • As needed, subcontractors can be hired

The first step in video production is pre-production. Although it happens behind the scenes, it is the most crucial part of creating a video that achieves the goals you desire. You won’t get the result you want if you don’t do the front-end work. This is where you will build your message. This involves two distinct video production services: logistics and creative.

Creative is all about the creation and refinement of the video’s concept, writing a story, storyboarding, and making sure you understand both the story and what you want your viewers to do with it. Logistics is about how to turn your ideas into a polished and finished video.

The actual shooting of a video is part of the production phase. These are just a few of many video production services and staffing considerations that go into production.
From concept to completion, the Producer participates in all production phases. This includes supervision and coordination of budget, talent and crafts.
To execute the director’s vision, the Director Of Photography (Main Camera Operator) collaborates with a Director. They manage the Camera and Lighting Departments and create visuals that tell the story.
The Assistant Camera Operator marks a sync point with the audio and video using a clapperboard (slating) and makes sure that the focus is correctly set.
The Field Audio Engineer creates, reproduces, and manipulates sound effects and sounds.
The Head of the lighting department is the Gaffer. They are responsible for designing the lighting plan.
The Grips design and build the sets for movies, commercials, and television shows. Grips are responsible for the lighting and equipment supporting the cameras.
Makeup Artists need to be able to understand and apply makeup to the face and neck. The body makeup artist can apply makeup to different areas of the body and alter the actor’s appearance.
The Drone Operator controls any drone camera used in video production.
The Production Assistant manages lockups and communications between production departments.
Equipment that is considered special might include lighting, audio and high-definition cameras.
Post-production begins after your video is filmed. This stage also includes services such as video production.
  • File management
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Recording voice-overs or voice acting.
  • Audio mastering
  • Color grading
  • Delivery of files
Usually, post product covers all that happens after filming has ended.

Video Production Services - Common Types Of Video Content

  • Event Video Services
  • Commercial/Advertising Video Services
  • Promotional Documentary Video Services
  • Corporate Video Services
  • Real Estate Video Services
  • Educational Video Services
  • Music Video Services
  • Social Media Video Services
We offer services

TVC/Ad Film production

A masterpiece is created by creating a compelling storyline and stunning production quality.


Production of corporate video

We Provide the best message possible in the Corporate Industry.


Videos of animated explanation

An explainer video delivers every micro information in an attractive visual manner.


Infographics explanation

The most attractive way to present Infographics and award information.


Music Videos

The music video elevates the music to a visually appealing medium.


Promo videos

You can reach any social media platform to promote a specific marketing sale or event.

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