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What Is Link Bait & What You Need To Know About It

Link Bait

SEO is a booming market with many strategies for promoting goods, content, websites, and services. Specialists need a particular amount of SEO experience to recognize the most effective methods for search optimization to be truly effective.

Link baiting has been a successful strategy for content marketing. This strategy aims to produce a lot of connections and traffic by producing beneficial and shareable content. Now let’s concentrate on what it is and how it can be used in real life.

What is Link Bait?

Content that is targeted to attract backlinks is called link bait. Bloggers and journalists want to link to it since it is so valuable and exciting. 

Controversial content, statistics, how-to articles, and noteworthy content are examples of common link bait content kinds.

What Is The Purpose Of Link Bait?

Link bait helps in improving your Google ranking and increasing natural traffic to your website.

This is true for two reasons.

The links it attracts should increase traffic to the page itself if you produce link bait regarding a subject people are searching for.
Using internal links, you can transfer some of the “authority” your link bait attracts to other pages on your website. This may improve the pages’ organic search ranks.

Why Link Bait is Important?

Link building is a headache, as anyone who has worked in SEO for a while will agree. Most web admins are unaware of the most efficient yet basic link-building approach.

Why Does Link Bait Work?

Link bait is effective because it makes use of psychological concepts that encourage linking to it. “Share triggers” are the names given to these ideas.

As follows:

  • People share things that make them appear attractive to others, or social currency.
  • People talk about what’s on their minds right now.
  • People must feel something to communicate it.
  • When others can see or observe another person’s behavior, they often mimic it.
  • People enjoy sharing knowledge that is both practical and helpful.
  • People don’t just share knowledge, they also exchange stories.

Advantages of Link Baiting

Link baiting is not a simple process. Why pick it over many easier-to-use techniques that are a lot simpler? Link baiting is more beneficial than many other SEO techniques because it:

helps people recognize your website

Your website becomes more popular as backlinks come in, expanding its audience beyond the intended one.

gives a rapid boost to traffic

Content that is original, really helpful, and pertinent is swiftly shared on social networks and blogs.

creates beneficial business ties

It is straightforward, the higher a resource appears in search results, the more backlinks it receives. Now, it’s simple for prospective business partners to get to know you. They reach out, and new connections are made.

strengthens online brand image

It goes without saying that when other reputable websites or influential figures mention you, this enhances your overall credibility in the online community.

Although this SEO strategy necessitates resources, its potential cannot be ignored. It’s time to find out how it might be used in actual life now.

Best Practises for Link Bait creation

Here are some guidelines for developing link bait that “exploit code” share triggers.

To give your link bait the best chance of working, try to include at least one or two of these.

Make sure your link bait is useful

Making your content usable for the reader requires producing material they can utilize straight now. Tools, calculators, templates, checklists, and cheat sheets are a few examples.

Make your opinionated link bait

Giving the reader something fresh to ponder is another method to make your link bait valuable. This can be achieved by approaching a subject from a distinct perspective and contributing something distinctive to the discussion.

Make sure your link bait incites feelings

If you’re as old as I am, you might recall Upworthy’s heyday. At its height, it appeared as though every single article on the website went viral.

Positive tales are the focus of the website Upworthy. Because each of its pieces was designed to elicit emotions such as astonishment, surprise, delight, and an overall sense that things were not as horrible as they seemed, people kept sharing them.

Create visual link bait

A four-step process needs to take place before someone can link to a piece of content:

  • The potential “linker” discovers your link bait for the first time, as you can see.
  • Clicking causes them to swallow it.
  • The information leaves a lasting effect.
  • They use the “bait” as their link.

Make your link bait interesting information

The news is, by far, what most people are thinking about right now. Additionally, bloggers and journalists are always looking for new stories to write about.


Link bait involves more than just coming up with something original or aesthetically pleasing.

You’ll need a combination of carefully created content, a clearly defined audience that can link to you, and a well-executed promotional strategy for it to garner links.

Even if you provide the best content possible, you won’t acquire any links if no one is aware that it even exists.


Toggle What does SEO link bait involve?

An SEO technique called link baiting is used to build backlinks to web resources like blog posts. The external, pertinent sources used for the links include other websites. More specifically, you produce viral material that is voluntarily shared on other people’s web platforms by total strangers.

Why is link bait so important?

Link baits encourage websites to link to you. It indicates that others are linking to you as a result of the fantastic content on your website. 

As a result, this link is one-way, which is unquestionably far better than link exchange or reciprocal linking.

Link bait bump: what is it?

Link bait is information on your website that other websites choose to link to without your permission. The linkable asset might take many different forms, such as an evergreen blog post, a helpful eBook, or a popular video.

What is Link Juice?

In the field of SEO, the term “link juice” is used to describe the value or equity transferred from one page or website to another. 

Hyperlinks transmit this value along. Links are seen by search engines as endorsements by other websites that your page is worthwhile and deserving of promotion.

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